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Offer backup services, not software.

As an MSP, your clients expect you to do more than provide them with software solutions. They need truly managed services, including management and monitoring of their networks and systems.

We follow the same philosophy. Gillware's Partners not only have access to all the features of Gillware's secure, cloud-based backup solutions, they also enjoy all the benefits of our full service Partner Development Program.

Full-fledged Partner Support

Our dedicated Partner Development Program provides sales and marketing support to help Partners succeed.

Comprehensive Backup

Gillware has both file-based and image-based backup solutions for resellers to offer to their customers.

Manage Anywhere

Our tools make it simple to deploy, configure, monitor and manage your clients' backup accounts from your centralized online dashboard.
Learn more about Manage Anywhere.


Spend less time configuring and monitoring so you can achieve a higher return on investment.

Channel Only

We don't sell our backup service directly, so you don't have to compete with us for market share or pricing.

Gillware's Reseller Partner Program

Based on feedback from our MSP Partners, the Reseller Partner Program gives you the option to white-label the solution with your company name and logo, as well as bill and support your clients directly.

  • Partner Development

    At Gillware, we provide you with more than a solution; we provide you with a service.
  • Comprehensive Backup

    The backup solutions your clients need all under one roof.
  • Manage Anywhere

    Easily deploy, configure, manage and monitor your clients' backup accounts from your centralized online dashboard.

Marketing and Sales Support

Get advice from our Partner Development team on how to position your backup solutions and how to market your services.

Sales Materials

Use our backup sales materials to offer the solution to your customers. Materials include sales sheets, marketing blog posts and helpful videos.

Best Practices

Learn about important industry trends, standard pricing models and other peer-sourced best practices, helping you to further your understanding of our backup solutions.


Receive one-on-one training and demo sessions on both your management dashboard tools and user software interface. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have.

File-Based Backup

Best for protecting individual computers, file-based backup covers the end nodes of a network from data loss events like hard drive failure or accidental deletion. Great for protecting mobile workforces.

Learn more about our file-based solution

Full Image Backup

Provide protection for your customers' physical and virtual servers and meet aggressive recovery time objectives (RTOs) by backing up full server images both onsite and offsite in the cloud.

Learn more about our image-based solution

Complementary Solutions

By combining both file-based and image-based backup, you can offer your customers truly comprehensive backup coverage of both their servers and individual laptops and desktops.

Mix and Match

Choose the solutions you want to offer to your clients: file-based, image-based or both. You can decide on a case-by-case basis and you are not required to offer both solutions.

Custom Configurations

No need to make onsite appointments or remote on to your clients' computers. With Gillware's custom configurations tool, you can deploy and configure your clients' accounts directly from your dashboard.

Backup Analyzer

Provides you with a window into your clients' computers to easily monitor and adjust their backup configuration and storage usage. See what files are backing up, not backing up and which files might need to be backed up.

Reporting Function

Reinforce the value of your services by providing your client with reports on the health and status of their backups. Reports can be tailored to highlight important pieces of data for your clients such as Quickbooks files or CRM databases.

Return on Investment

Other solutions are time-consuming to set up and manage, turning a potential profit center into a sunk cost. With Gillware's management tools, you spend less time managing and monitoring accounts, restoring the profitability of your backup offering.

Reseller Manage Anywhere Dashboard Features

Gillware’s Manage Anywhere dashboard is designed to make offering a comprehensive backup solution to your customers simple and profitable. From installation and deployment, to configuration, to monitoring and reporting, every aspect of your backup offer is controlled via a single management dashboard without interruption to your customers.

File-based and image-based backups in one place

Manage your file-based laptop/desktop backups and your image-based server backups from one centralized dashboard.

Custom configurations

Finally, a backup solution that scales! Create your own backup configuration templates and apply them to a single computer or thousands all at once with the click of a button.

Configuration from the cloud

Tired of trying to remote in to your client’s computer to change their backup configuration? With your Gillware Manage Anywhere dashboard, simply make the adjustment in the cloud and the changes automatically apply on the local computer.

Backup Analyzer

Without intimate knowledge about the data on the computers you support, determining what should back up can be difficult. Gillware’s Backup Analyzer shows every file stored on your client’s computer and suggests items potentially missed from the backup.

Monitoring and reports

This powerful and customizable reporting engine helps reinforce your relationship with your customers by providing you with an easy way to show the value of the backup service you provide.

Silent batch installs

Install a single backup license or deploy the solution to hundreds of computers at once utilizing automated Windows installation scripts generated in your dashboard and deployed via your RMM of choice.

Software Features

Built using feedback from our MSP Partners, Gillware's backup solutions are specially designed to protect client data in a way that makes sense for business and their MSPs. From file-based to image-based backup, our comprehensive suite of backup solutions has all the features you need.


Gillware’s backup solution is SOC 2 Type II security audited and data is transmitted and stored in an encrypted format.

Fully brandable

By white-labeling the solution with your company name and logo, you can offer a high quality backup service while growing your business and brand recognition.

Open file backup

The software will back up files even if they are in use or locked by the user, protecting even their most frequently used and edited data.

Bandwidth throttling

Prevent slowdowns in your clients' day to day activity by throttling the bandwidth allotted to the backups.

Multiple revisions

Store a custom number of revisions of backed up files so your clients can access older versions of their data.

HIPAA compliant

Working with clients in the healthcare industry? Gillware's backup solutions meet HIPAA requirements for backup protection of ePHI.

Onsite and offsite in a single bundle

When available, use the local image backup for fast and easy restores. When catastrophe strikes and local copies of the data are gone, restore from Gillware’s secure cloud.

Hardware agnostic

No specific hardware to buy. You can use anything from an inexpensive external hard drive to a high-end enterprise class storage array to store your local backup images.

Multiple offsite restore points

Full Image Backup includes 10 daily, four weekly and two monthly offsite server images.

Expedited restoration from the cloud

Full-image backups can be large and businesses need fast restores to get back up and running. Gillware can restore your image backup to an external hard drive and have it ready for pickup or shipment in four hours or less.

Competitively Priced

Without all the unnecessary bells and whistles, Gillware's Full Image Backup is reasonably priced. Unlike other solutions that are overpriced and often overkill for your clients' backup needs, our solution allows you to actually make a profit.

Manage from your Dashboard

Gillware's Full Image Backup is fully integrated into your Manage Anywhere dashboard, making it easy to license, install, configure and monitor your customers Full Image Backup accounts from one central location.

Data Recovery

Gillware Data Recovery is a professional data recovery lab specializing in recovering data from mechanically failed storage devices. Founded in 2004, Gillware performs over 15,000 recoveries each year. Our Madison, Wisconsin-based recovery lab is SOC 2 Type II security audited and equipped with ISO-5, Class 100 cleanroom facilities. Gillware is the preferred data recovery provider for industry-leading technology companies including Western Digital and Dell.

About Gillware

Gillware Online Backup offers secure, cloud-based backup solutions for individuals and small businesses alike. Our line of comprehensive backup products includes our file-based backup for laptops and desktops and our image-based backup for servers. Founded in 2006, Gillware is the only backup company started by a data recovery lab. Using our in-depth knowledge of hardware failure and data recovery, our experts have created a suite of robust, automated backup solutions to protect users from data loss. Our data centers in Chicago, Illinois and Madison, Wisconsin are both SOC 2 Type II security audited and our solutions meet regulatory requirements for HIPAA compliance.



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